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A pedicure at the best nail salon in Tulsa is a great way to pamper your toes and feet. At our nail shop, we offer both basic and extravagant pedicures. We can satisfy all your pedicure desires and needs at our nail salon in Tulsa. Come visit us at Tulsa’s best nail salon for those beautiful toes so that you can splurge on your feet today.

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Tulsa’s Top Nail Salon Pedicure: A Spa Day For Your Feet

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A pedicure at the best nail salon in Tulsa will provide clients with an indulgent and relaxing spa-like experience. As a result, we offer several pedicure packages for all of our nail salon customers’ pedicure requirements. Pedicures at the best nail salons in Tulsa involve about 30 minutes of soaking, trimming the toenails, filing the toenail surface, and exfoliating rough patches of dry skin that have formed on the soles and heels due to lack of moisture over time. In our Tulsa nail salon, we offer a variety of options for extra pampering by our nail technicians. Our nail salon techs apply intense moisturizers to our pedicure clients’ feet and wrap a hot towel around them. A paraffin pedicure spa treatment provides deeper hydration. And no nail salon pedicure service would be complete without a luxurious foot massage. For nail salon pricing in Tulsa, call our nail shop.


The Most Talented Nail Salon in Tulsa offers the Best Pedicure Nail Art

We provide our nail salon clients with nail art templates so they can design their own unique designs using our extensive selection of nail polish colors. The best nail salon in Tulsa has everything from glitter gel nail polish designs to classic pedicures that are sure to please even the pickiest nail salon client. Pedicure clients will enjoy beautiful toenails at our nail salon. Let our expert nail salon pedicurists know what nail polish color combination is your favorite.

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Tulsa Nail Spas Offer Many Pedicures Benefits


The best nail salon in Tulsa offers luxurious pedicures that will not only make your feet look and feel better, but will also relieve stress and tension all over your body as well. Pedicures at the nail salon also enhance circulation to all the extremities, so they are good for the health of salon clients! Pedicures also improve circulation to all the extremities – which means they’re good for salon clients’ health, too!

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Another advantage of regular pedicures is that they reduce a number of issues; dryness, cracking, calluses all lessen with regular pedicure treatments. If you receive a nail salon pedicure regularly, you will benefit from regular exfoliation, lotion, and/or aloe vera treatments.

Also, nail salon pedicures make people enjoy their feet more because they eliminate embarrassment about their ugly feet and keep their toes looking beautiful even when they are not wearing shoes or socks. At our nail salon, we offer a high-quality pedicure that will boost your self-confidence just like our nail technicians are cosmetology trained. No matter which type of nail salon pedicure service you choose, luxury pedicures are a great way to pamper your feet, legs, and toes.

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Pedicure Services at the Best Nail Salon in Tulsa


Pedicure Service: Removing Calluses

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Our nail salon is equipped to remove calluses from the feet using a variety of specialized nail salon tools, from various types of scrubbing instruments, pumice stones, and callus-softening creams. Our pedicure experts at the best nail salon in Tulsa have years of experience and take excellent care of our customers.


Optional pedicure service: Toenail trimming and nail buffing

To create your desired toenail shape, our nail shop will trim your toenails with a cutter, push back your cuticles, and/or use a fine-grit emery board before buffing them. It is important to remove old nail polish carefully in order to prevent damaging new growth.


Luxury Spa Service: Pedicure Foot and Leg Massage

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A variety of massage tools are used at our nail salon to provide our nail salon pedicure clients with an amazing foot and leg therapeutic massage session. You’ll feel refreshed, energized, and ready to tackle the day!

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Gel Nails: Most Popular Pedicure

Dark Colored Basic Pedicure at the best nail salon in Tulsa

In contrast to standard enamel polish, gel nail polish has an additional curing step that adds a stronger layer on top of the nail. This extra layer helps protect toenail polish from chipping as well as extend the wear and shine of your pedicure!

As well as professional pedicures, we provide spa treatments like facials, body scrubs, and massages.


Pedicure: Shellac Nail Polish Service

Shellac nails provide an ultra-glossy, high shine nail polish finish as well as long-lasting wear.


Pedicure with Lacquer Toenail Polish

Pedicure Nail Salon Tulsa Gel Nail Basic Pedicure Nail Services.

Our nail salon clients commonly choose lacquer or enamel nail polish when they want to have a more natural-looking pedicure or if they are bringing their own nail polish. Lacquer nail polish is professionally applied by our pedicure experts and dries to a shiny finish!


Dipping Powder Pedicure at our Tulsa Nail Salon

The dip nails are preferred by clients who wish to have the look of a natural nail, but still require the protection of an acrylic nail. Dip nails are created by dipping your nails into powder and shaping, buffing, and polishing them to a high shine!


The Most Trendy Tulsa Nail Salon – Ombre Toe Nail Polish

The ombre design of toe nails is perfect for those who want to give their pedicure a trendy touch. To create this look, use darker shades at the base of your nail and lighter shades towards the tip!

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Natural Pedicures: Runners Sports

We offer a unique sports pedicure for those who walk, run, jog, or work out a lot. This nail salon pedicure service includes a deep nail scrub, an application of cuticle oil, and careful nail trim designed to help keep feet and toes feeling better during workouts. Hot towel wraps are used by our nail salon pedicure clients to relax aching muscles, soothe sore joints, and relax their tired feet. Your athletic feet will feel refreshed after receiving this pedicure at the nail salon!

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Pedicure Appointments and Nail Salon Walk-Ins Welcome!

Our nail salon in Tulsa prefers scheduled pedicure appointments but walk-ins are also welcome and will try our best to accommodate those who drop into our nail salon. We offer a full range of spa services, including manicures, pedicures, massages, and facials.


Pedicures Frequently Asked Questions

For a patient with diabetes, wounds heal very slowly. This increases the risk of developing infections. Since a pedicure can cause wounds in your toe, getting a pedicure if you have diabetes does not seem like a great idea, if your pedicure environment is not sterilized and clean. Hence it is advisable to visit diabetic- friendly nail salons or go to salons with an excellent hygiene policy.

We highly recommend NOT to wax your legs before your pedicure appointment. Although it might seem like a gentle thing to do, waxing your legs before a pedicure has the potential to cause infections. Waxing creates pores inside your skin so that the bacteria and fungus cleared out during a pedicure can find its way into your body. Therefore we recommend that you don’t wax your legs at least for two days before your pedicure.

Most women give up on pedicure and waxing during winter because the cold temperatures mean that they can’t expose their legs. However, regular pedicures, including during winter can make your toes healthy, for pedicures are not for beauty alone. After being wrapped in stocking and shoes in winter your feet can get some rest and relaxation during a pedicure.

Ingrown toes are a painful condition affecting the toes. It is better to avoid a pedicure if you have ingrown toenails as the risk of infection is high. But prevention is better than cure. You can prevent ingrown toenails to a great extent by having a pedicure once in a while. Nail technicians are experts in understanding foot problems and they’ll tell you what to do and what not to do so as to prevent ingrown nails.

Healthy nails are beautiful. However, maintaining it healthy demands some attention from you. It is good to get a pedicure once every three weeks. Dirt accumulates in your toes faster than you imagine. Bacteria and fungus grow easily bringing diseases. So have a pedicure at least once a month. It will benefit your feet greatly!